Saturday, March 26, 2005

Vitamin C - Collagen & Antioxidants

For a really effective Anti Aging Strategy, he most important of the antioxidants that you should be taking is Vitamin C. Most nutritionalists now recommend that we take at least 1000 mg per day as it one of the only vitamins that cannot be stored by the body.

Vitamin C strengthens the body's white blood cells, the chief defence against invation by bacteria and viruses. There is strong evidence that people who do not take enough Vitamin C are more vulnerable to infections and illness from the common cold to cancer.

Vitamin C helps give us energy by aiding in the production of other essential body chemicals including L-carnitine which transports fats into the mitochondria where fats are converted to energy.

Vitamain C helps with the production of neurotransmitters the brain chemicals that help the nerves in the central and periferal nervous systems inproving our ability to think clearly and move our bodies.

Importantly for ez Anti Aging, Vitamin C enables your skin to resist wrinkles, by helping to produce Collagen, the strong connective tissue that holds our bodies together.


Fight free Radicals - the key to anti aging

I am sure you have heard of Free Radicals. It's one of those often quoted and more often misunderstood terms, but understanding what causes free radicals, how they damage our bodies and how to defent against them and repair the damage they cause is essential to living longer and looking younger.

In simple terms Free Radicals are the by-product of producing energy. Every time we burn something we produce heat energy and as a result free radicals. Even the body produces free radicals when it converts glucose into energy.

Free radicals are a part of life - we can't stop them, but if we don't defend against them then it is likely that we will age prematurely, suffer from degerative illness and die painfuly.

How do Free Radicals cause all that damage?


Everything in life is made up of molecules which in turn are made up of atoms. Atoms comprise of a nucleus at the centre with pairs of electrons spinning around them. When energy is being created such as by burning, the atoms are agitated speeding up and bumping into each other causing some to lose an electron.

These now unstable atoms, called free radicals, then aggressively attack biological tissue to try to grab an electron to stablaise themselves, in turn creating further free radicals and a chain reaction.

One puff a cigarette creates 100 billion free radicals which then all attack the skin and internal organs like the lungs creating a chain reaction which can lead to cells dying.

Frying food, burning petrol and diesel , exposure to sunlight etc all result in billions of free radicals attacking your body. Radiation is an even greater cause of free radical.

To defend yourself against this continuous onslaught from thousands of billions of free radicals every minute (mostly a direct product of our modern lifestyle) we all need to put in place clear Anti Aging strategy.

At we will be providing simple tips and product recommendations to help you put into place immediately an Anti Aging Strategy to start building your defences and enjoying a longer healther, younger lookling, life.