Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Beauty Pillow - Aids Sleep, Prevents Wrinkles

Orders are coming on from all over the world for our unique Beauty Pillow and we are receiving lots of very positive comments on the benefits.

Not only does the Beauty Pillow move with my face preventing those unsightly wrinkles that I so often used to wake up with but it is so comfortable to sleep on. The soft cool satin against my skin is such a wonderful feeling when I go to bed. Just after purchacing my Beauty Pillow I went away for a few days to stay in a hotel and I so missed my pillow, I found it hard to sleep. On my next trip I remembered to put my pillow into my case and what difference. This will be an essential item in my packing for the future. What a great idea to make it small enough to pack in an overnight bag. Richelle, Hull UK

After having now slept on the pillow for almost three months, I can safely say that I’m glad I tried it. Gone completely are the creases across my face that I sometimes developed, especially after a deep sleep. These creases often lasted until lunchtime, prior to using the pillow and were less than attractive. Julie, Leeds

We are sure you will not regret buying your Beauty Pillow why not order yours today here.